After being told by my GI that I have IBS and that there “really was nothing to be done”, I went to Internal Hygiene. She was amazing! Her knowledge, her compassion and her wisdom helped me through a terrible time where bloating, irregularity, gassiness and off/on constipation and diarrhea controlled my life. Every time I met with her, she honestly wanted to help me. After taking her advice and after my 4th colon hygiene session, I started to notice I have more energy, I didn’t feel sick in the stomach all the time and I wasn’t afraid to eat. Thank you!! I can’t express how much you have changed my life.

Yoga Teacher, Norwalk, CT

Much love and gratitude to you and all that you do to me! You’ve helped me change my life and I’m so grateful!! I could never begin to thank you enough…really.

Rachel Hughes, Old Greenwich, CT

I suffered through a very uncomfortable pregnancy and postpartum period until my acupuncturist suggested that I start having regular colon hygiene sessions. After my first treatment with her, I noticed that I didn’t need suppositories or home enemas, and after the third, I put away my albuterol inhalers! Each visit is calming, relaxing, yet rejuvenating at the same time. I enjoy our chats about life and health, and she has helped me discover a whole new way of eating to nourish myself and my family. I visit regularly for maintenance, and everyone around me says they notice a glow of health and peace in my face. I am so glad I found her hilarious website/blog and booked that first appointment!

Noelle, New York

Update from Sam:
Following are a few positive surprises for me in my transition to a healthy life that have helped give me positive reinforcement to embrace new habits.
1. Food tastes better. My taste buds have been reawakened.
2. Even more surprising is the discovery of the “re-charging” drops and how much they enhance the simple experience of drinking water. I really can’t believe how good the first pint of water tastes that I drink on the way to work. It has become a ritual I look forward to and enjoy more than I could have ever imagined.
3. I can’t believe how fast my spare tire has disappeared (almost). My waste is 3 inches smaller and I’ve lost 25 pounds. I think that is pretty remarkable. Pants and shorts I haven’t been able to wear for several years are fitting now with room to spare. It feels really good to get dressed for work, when I put my belt on and see a flat line where before there was the bulge pushing through my shirt and hanging over my pants.
4. Being more “regular” feels better. Hard to explain this one, but is part of positive feedback loop of healthy lifestyle. Definitely.
5. Maybe most surprising of all is how much I love juicing. It takes a lot of “work” but the process feels “sustainable” because thankfully the juice gives me such a psychological boost when I drink it. It tastes great but beyond the taste drinking it just gives me a feeling of being re-charged somehow, hard to explain exactly.

Thanks for all of your support and expert coaching.

Sam B., Consultant, Rye, NY

Feel so much lighter:
Colon Hygiene has taken my well-being to a whole new level. After a session, I feel physically and energetically light. My mind is more clear and I have noticed that my impulse to eat healthy foods is strong.

Another interesting benefit for me was that the sessions brought tone back to my colon and made my post-baby belly flatter!

Also, she really puts you at ease. Anyone who might be squeamish about trying a colon hygiene session will feel happy to be in such capable hands. She’s really comfortable with poo…

Stacey Bell-Elder, Yoga Teacher/Bodyworker

The sessions helped me relieve constipation and bloating. My gassiness has decreased significantly and my bowel movements have increased and improved after 5 sessions. As this is part of an effort to get back into a more active lifestyle, she has also been great about answering questions around diet, exercise, and energy. And she’s fun and attentive during the sessions. I am happy I found her after 18 months of looking for a specialist.

Erica, Computer Tech, CT

I worked with her for several months, and it completely changed my life! I asked her for wellness coaching and here is what I got: yoga, meditation, nutrition, cleansing, and a gentle and warm spirit that made the experience life changing. Last year I was good for three burgers and a pork chop a week – I have been vegetarian for nearly a year since she introduced me to wonderful, and slimming foods! She came to my house, and cleaned house. She taught us to juice, she brought a depth to my meditation practice, and we did cleansing that left me lighter and happier.

The results of her practice speak for themselves, if you did them without her you would be healthier, to be sure. But the point is that you can’t do them without her. She emailed me every day, was understanding when I fell off the wagon and flexible with schedule.

I asked her to help me because I was having a daughter in my mid forties. What she did was change the way my entire family eats and lives, including our daughter.

There aren’t enough words, she can change your life, making the hard choices easy and fun – making the easy choices even easier and more fun. I will be with her for the rest of her professional life, and URGE you to do the same.

John Burton, Katonah, NY

Thank you for the generosity of your spirit, the depth of your knowledge and the grace of your skills. You are a ray of light for anyone on this important journey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for this lifestyle…you have touched my life in important ways and I am most grateful.

M.D. Anesthesiologist, Easton, CT

She has a pleasing manner about her and we find lots to talk about during our sessions. The colon hygiene session is conducted in a clean and relaxing room with soft music in the background. She is a certified colon hygienist and is very knowledgeable about colon hygiene along with nutrition and is always more than happy to answer any questions I may have. I am very thankful to have found her and she has been extremely helpful to my well being. I have recommended her to my daughter because of my complete trust and approval of the care and services provided with the whole group at Internal Hygiene.

Ed A.

I've been working with Jen for close to a year now, and every two weeks when I have my appointment with her, I'm so excited to hop in my car and head to Stamford.
Not only do I leave our sessions feeling like every little cell in my body has been cleansed (love that high feeling!), but I get to talk with another like-minded spirit who practices what she preaches-and she has lots of knowledge to share on colonics, diet, and nutrition.
She might even share one of her easy and delicious recipes from her food blog. (like her coconut pudding recipes). I've been dedicated to this lifestyle of colon cleansing for almost 5 years now (and am hooked!), but Jen works with all types who want to experience what it feels like to live in a happy, healthy, clean-celled body.
She makes the lifestyle easy and approachable no matter where you are on your health journey.

Lisa C, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach