How many Colon Hygiene sessions do I need?

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Spring is here – and the time to clear the sludge accumulated during this especially long and heavy winter. Most of us turn to comfort and dense foods in the colder months, and our health and well-being pays a price.

A series of colon hygiene sessions can be the ideal way to get back into tune with a clean, vibrant body, as well as offering the beautifying benefit of oxygenation to the entire system of organs – when we do regular colon hygiene sessions, we have an undeniable glow! I affectionately call colon hygiene, or gravity hygiene,  the “facial for the colon”. We bathe our bodies every day – the colon loves a good bathing, too!

I often get asked, “How many sessions do I need?” How many times do we need to go the gym before we are in shape? Consistently will have the greatest effect.

Cleansing is always happening – that’s the body’s job. To what degree and to what rate is the body able to keep the channels of elimination moving? Our job is to assist the body so that we can enjoy consistent, vibrant energy throughout or day. As my mentor taught me, most bodies are in a state of disaster management (due to lifestyle/dietary choices), and cleansing is greatly hindered. Thus, day after day, toxins and sludge accumulate, until eventually dis-ease sets in.

To support all of us who want to revitalize our bodies and flush out our systems of accumulated toxins and debris, we are offering a LIMITED time Series of Colon Hygiene Sessions for a very special price. Call our office for details: (203) 524-2888, or contact us through our website at

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