Colon Hygiene in Connecticut: Stinky Poo

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I have two cats, whom I adore.  They have me completely wrapped around their paws.  They can do no wrong in my eyes (okay, almost!)

The big grey one is named Mowgley, and he is a big bundle of love.  He is the master of Self-love.  If your hand is not available, he will rub up against your toes, or any hard edge he
can find.  Happiness is his nature, and he is one smart guy.  He will find all kinds of ways to support himself (see photo on right) when he is grooming himself.
He has only a couple of nicknames – Insta-purr and Big Buddy.
The picture on the right was taken when he was taking a break from licking his buddha belly.  I have another photo where he is in the same position with his eyes closed – just
lke he is meditating.  Which he always is.
My other buddy is named Jasper.  He is the sensitive, delicate one.  I often say he is a female trapped in a male’s body, and this little guy has a lot of nicknames.  He is the Cat with a Thousand Faces.  He is Slinky, Silky, Pinky, Stinky, Squeaky, Little Buddy, Little Black Lips, Cutey, Sweetie, My Very Best Friend…I could go on.

Now, you might think that because he has all these names that I (and my hubby) love him more.  That is not true – but Jasper simply NEEDS more loving, more attention, due to his delicate nature.  He is fragile, and skittish, and you have to know how to approach him.
With Mowlgey, you can be rough and tumble.  He likes a good hard rub, and he is a very confident, inquisitive, friendly male.  He is a “pet me” slut.  Not much fazes him, except for a spray bottle.
With Jasper, on the other hand, you need to be very soft, and talk to him in a soft voice, walk slowly,
and with that, you get many rewards.  He is one of the few cats I have met that goes nuts for belly rubs (and his belly is SO soft!) and I have gotten him used to lots of belly kisses, and forehead kisses, and I talk to him gently all the time.  He even loves to have his teats cleaned (a couple of them can get clogged and you have to know just the right way to get the gook out).
BUT, if you are in a hurry, or make a loud noise (farts are okay) or walk fast, he will run around in a panic as if he has never seen you before.
So why am I talking about cats, you ask?  Well, here are two kitties who eat the same food, (although Jasper goes outside more and probably gets more insects into his diet, and they both like to chew on either our wheatgrass or normal grass outside) and yet their poo is totally different!
Mowgley’s poo doesn’t stink.  And you always know when Jasper takes a dump, because it is RANK!  I have incense in my home for the purpose of masking his stinky poo – it is the only thing that really works.
So, two cats, same (pretty much) diet, and very different personalities and systems.
This got me to wondering, and I have a few theories which make sense to me.
Jasper is an anxious type kitty and this greatly affects your acid/alkaline balance, and your colon.  Hence, the stinky poos.  He is kind enough that he will usually whine for a while to go out to do his business (and I think he can’t stand being in the litter box with his own poo – it is worthy of singeing your nose hairs, really) , but if it is late, or raining, or we ar

e lazy, he will say, Okay, I tried warning you.  Get the incense ready!
Mowgley is a pretty chill cat.  Lately, in his old age (he is 15, Jasper is 13), he does get his sausage like poos stuck partway out his anus (he will run around with them dangling and one of us has to pull it out, poor guy – usually lots of grass is the culprit).  If we don’t catch them – no problem!  Mowgs finds a way to scrape them off, much to our rug’s chagrin.  Or it will be left as a present on our new bedspread (okay, actually, we cover the bed with a fleece blanket so they can sleep on it, so not such a big deal).  Usually this poo is pretty hard, so it is not like it smears anywhere – but it doesn’t smell, I mean, I wouldn’t be shoving it up my nose or anything but really, it ain’t so odorous!
I call Jasper and Mowgley my alter egos.  Both in personality and in poo’s.
State of mind, personality type, doshas, metabolic types, etc…and of course how you eat and food combining all have an effect on your bowel movements (B.M’s).  Last posting I gave a list of all the different types of poos – but in general, people tend to consistency in the smells of their poos.  If you are the anxious type, chances are, your poo is more stinky than your calm and pretty regular partner.
None of this is scientific by any means. 🙂  This is no double blind case study.  Just some observation’s from l’il ol’ me.
If you eat non stop all day and never give your system a chance to truly digest, you are setting yourself up for all kind of problems.
Which brings me, as always, to the subject of colon health and the necessity of Colonics as part of your health care regimen.  A series is often needed to “wake up” the often irritated muscle, to set a good foundation, to tone and clean the colon – along with dietary shifts and self awareness.
Stinky Poo does not have to be your birthright!
And if it does happen to you often, or even from time to time, remember the story of Jasper and Mowgley.  And by the way, they are perfectly fine with who they are.  I don’t see Jasper wishing he was more like Mowgley, even in the stinky poo department.
Cleanse, eat well, be gentle with yourself, and have fun.

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