Jillian Reville

Owner/Senior Therapist at Internal Hygiene

Certified Entero Lavage Colon Hygienist  (Wood Gravity Colon Hygiene Method)

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Jennifer Colombo
Certified Entero Lavage Colon Hygienist  (Wood Gravity Colon Hygiene Method)
Advanced Detox Coach through the Rose Institute (Natalia Rose)

My journey into the detox lifestyle began after discovering I had Candida.  I have always been slender, and was under constant pressure from doctors and family to eat “better,” which involved consuming more and more of the standard American diet.  Over time this contributed to skin and digestive problems, despite never increasing my weight.  During a consultation with a holistic dermatologist, I was surprised to learn that my physical symptoms were the result of my diet, and I endeavored to educate myself about nutrition, health and overall wellness.  

Within weeks of altering my diet to focus on raw fruits and vegetables with a Candida conscious approach, I had more energy, felt great, and my physical problems began to go away.  Seeing that such positive changes could be made through simple lifestyle adjustments, I read every book I could find on the topic and started taking courses to learn how to help others find this same path.  While exploring nutrition and detox methods, I was introduced to colon hygiene as another tool.  I was very nervous for my first colon hygiene session, but the experience was pleasant and I felt wonderful afterwards.  I continued to heal my body and knew that I wanted to help others experience the same benefits. This lead to my decision to become certified in colon hygiene at the Woods Hygienic Institute. I have also had the privilege of taking Advanced Detox Training with author and nutritionist Natalia Rose as well as her Culinary Program with Chef Doris Choi. I know a detox lifestyle can be difficult at times, so I am happy to share with you my experiences, advice on diet, and recipes to guide you in your journey, whatever path you are on.