Autumn – time for a change

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Greetings everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and were able to relax and get outdoors.

I recently got back from vacation in my hometown of beautiful Vancouver, and Kelowna, British Columbia, and it amazed me how much relaxation played a role in my well being and digestion, and thus (my favorite subject, next to food!) elimination! Whoo hooo!

I have thought a lot in the past few months the role stress plays in our bodies – not just mental stress, but also physiological and nutritional stress. What we put into our bodies has a direct impact on our well-being. This is why the role of cleansing and colon hygiene is so essential in this day and age – colon hygiene sessions reduce the effects of stress on our bodies and therefore our overall state.

Many of you who know me know my passion for good food. While I choose to eat a plant-based diet, I also know one can thrive on a diet containing animal protein as well. Overall I think dairy is detrimental to our health, however, if I had a goat or sheep in my backyard, eating organic greens, who is to say I wouldn’t partake in it’s milk or make yogurt and cheeses?

But I digress. Back to one of my favorite subjects – food. As I was saying, I choose to eat a plant based diet and as a result, have come up with many creative and simple ways to eat vegetable and fruits.

I truly believe that the key to making food taste great is to use the best ingredients: great salt – like Sunfire Salt (the pink salt many of you know and love), great oils, quality nuts and seeds, fresh herbs and organic and/or locally grown produce (as much as possible). It also leaves less of a residue in our bodies and thus in our colons. And none of us like the feeling of a bloated, congested colon, right? Ugh. It can feel miserable. Looks like the fellow below could use some colonics!

Below are a couple of recipes created by me to get you inspired in your kitchen. Play around with the ingredients and enjoy whatever you create!

Tahini Dressing (great on salads, steamed veggies or cooked whole grains, or as a dip)

½ cup raw tahini

1 heaping Tablespoon (or more) South River Miso Sweet White Miso

juice of ½ lemon, or more if a more lemony flavor is desired

pinch of Sunfire Salt

½ T Nama Shoyu or Coconut Amino’s (optional)

water, enough to blend

Blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Optional additional ingredients, choose one or more:

herbs (parsley, dill, basil or cilantro could be nice)


garlic or scallions




You get the idea!

Mushroom Burgers

2 Portabello Mushrooms

1 medium zucchini

small chunk ginger (optional)

¼ cup sage and rosemary (fresh)

pinch or two of salt

½ T nama shoyu or tamari (optional)

½ to 1 tsp umeboshi plum paste (remember this is salty)

dash of olive oil

1 -2 T each of:

raw sunflower seeds

raw pumpkin seeds

raw hemp seeds

Process the mushrooms, zucchini , ginger, herbs, shoyu and plum paste until well mixed but not over processed. Mix seeds in by hand or pulse lightly to mix. Adjust seasonings to taste.

Form into patties and place on teflex sheet in dehydrator at 115 degrees until patties firm up – remove from teflex and finish dehydrating on screens. I like to my burgers on the moist side but dehydrate to your desired texture. Store in sealed container. These taste even better the next day!

Alternatively, these could be placed on a baking sheet and cooked at low heat.


Feel free to send me any comments or questions.

In health,

Xell Calderer

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